CashFootprint® Standard
Desktop Point-of-Sale Software


  • Immediate download
  • On-time Purchase, No monthly fees
  • Zero fee software updates
  • Complimentary US-based technical support
  • Secure employee access
  • Seamless credit card processing available
  • Windows 11 Ready
  • 30 day return policy

Running a retail store without POS software poses numerous challenges, from inefficient inventory management to error-prone transaction processing.

Manual processes can lead to inaccuracies, stockouts, revenue discrepancies, and compromised security, hindering business growth and customer satisfaction.

CashFootprint® POS offers a streamlined solution, automating inventory management, transaction processing, and reporting. With real-time data insights and robust security features, CashFootprint empowers retailers to optimize operations, enhance accuracy, and drive business success effortlessly.

Features Include

Your purchase will include one full license of our CashFootprint Standard Point of Sale software for Windows.

See a summary of the major features below. If you're looking for a specific set of features, click here to see our feature comparison chart.


CashFootprint Point-of-Sale

Whether you're using a barcode scanner or typing in your own custom item numbers, CashFootprint Standard's easy to navigate interface makes training and daily use a snap.

Easily change pricing or quantities, add discounts, transaction or item notes with a click of a button.

Inventory Control

CashFootprint Inventory Control

Get started fast by importing your inventory from excel or a text file.

CashFootprint Standard will automatically update your on hand quantity with every transaction for single or bundled items.

Keeping hot items on hand for eager customers is critical.  The smart stock alerts warn you when your inventory is low, so you never get caught empty handed.

Enhanced Security

CashFootprint Employee Security

Data security is all the rage and CashFootprint Standard has you protected.
Keep prying eyes out of sensitive settings with configurable permissions.

Use the manager override to allow access to features not available to standard employees such as price changes, void transactions, employee records, etc.

Force employees to login and optionally lock them out after every transaction.  Set the auto-lock timeout to a pre-determined idle time to ensure your store's data is safe.

Priority Support

CashFootprint Priority Support

We value your business and first class support is our goal.  No matter what, you always have free support during office hours.

CashFootprint Standard is designed to be easy to learn and simple to use; however, if you need assistance within the first 30 days we're giving you access to our Priority Support line.

Priority Support calls are answered in the order received, but ahead of all free support callers.  After the initial 30 days you will still get the same great service, but the response time guarantee goes from same day to 1 business day.  Priority Support is only $25 a month and well worth the investment.

Much More...

CashFootprint Special Features

Link CashFootprint Standard to your Twitter account and send Tweets to inform customers of specials and events.  Link your Twitter account to your Facebook page for maximum exposure.

Connect multiple computers and share the same data to allow for faster customer service, back-end data entry, reporting, etc.  One purchase per terminal/computer required.

Click here to view detailed features

Need More? Try the Professional Edition!

View CashFootprint Pro Feature Comparison

Free Downloads

The Free Trial, Install Guide & User Manual

There are two programs to install, watch the recommended YouTube video "How to Install CashFootprint" or read the Install Guide for step-by-step instructions.

For an overview of CashFootprint Standard and the Quick Setup instructions, view the User Manual.


Optional Add-ons

Merchant Account - Fast and Secure Card Processing

CashFootprint Integrated Card ProcessingSave time and money with our competitively priced merchant accounts. Our card processing integration allows for a secure, fast and seamless customer service experience. No switching from the computer to the credit card terminal and back. No manual entry of card and authorization information. No separate credit card receipt to staple to the POS receipt. We recommend using our integrated card processing to make your business flow smoothly and keep your customer lines to a minimum. Click here to get a free quote and start saving with a merchant account today!

Access Your Store Remotely

CashFootprint On The Go!, Hosted database serviceAre you looking for the ability to manage your store remotely? Our monthly CashFootprint hosted database subscription will set your data free! By connecting CashFootprint Standard to the cloud you can view your secure data from anywhere with an internet connection.

We host your data so it's safe from local disasters. If your computer crashes beyond recovery or worse, your store gets broken into, just install CashFootprint Standard on a new computer and you're back online!

Imagine running reports, processing sales or managing inventory from home, the office, your favorite coffee shop or on the road using a mobile hotspot. The possibilities are endless!

PC Requirements

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz min, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
  • Memory: 512 MB min, 1 GB or more recommended
  • Hard Disk: roughly 1 GB, but depends on server/database features installed
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 or a later version

Shipping & Returns


We send a CD via Priority Mail shipping (US Only).  Ships within 1-2 business days.

We will also send download instructions via email the same day as the purchase.

Note: Orders outside the US will be available for same-day download only.

Returns accepted if...

Within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The software has NOT been activated/registered.

Note: This Windows point of sale software is considered active/registered, as soon as the code is sent to the requestor (you).