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The Tester's Network

Are you looking to help make a difference in your business software?  Our Tester's Network is for you!  Get involved by using the latest versions, making suggestions for improvements and reporting issues as soon as you find them.

To report bugs, use our Contact Us page.  We will address any issues asap.  Here is the information we expect to be reported when an issue is found:

  1. What did you do when the issue occurred?
  2. What did you expect to happen?
  3. What was the actual result?
  4. Provide any error messages or snapshots.

Click here to view the latest release notes for CashFootprint.  Beta and alpha versions will have notations after the version numbers for easy visibility.

Click a 'Sign me up' button below and then check for updates.  That's it!  If you wish to unsubscribe, you may do so at anytime.  Our network runs purely off of your location so we dont need a name, email address, nada.


Beta Network

Sign up for our beta network and get the latest unreleased versions.  Beta versions are run through testing by our quality control team prior to being published for use by our beta testers.

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Alpha Network

Get involved early in the development cycle by signing up for our alpha network.  Get the latest unreleased versions fresh from the developers with minimal testing.

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Sign up... then what?

Once you have signed up for our tester's network simply check for updates within CashFootprint and get the latest versions.



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