EVO Omni Scanner


  • Omnidirectional Scanning
  • Rapid Autosensing
  • Digital Barcode Scanning
  • Adjustable Stand Angle
  • 5′ USB Cable
  • 3yr Warranty

Omnidirectional Scanning - The EVO Omni presentation scanner allows quick reading of barcodes in any orientation for fast scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes.

Rapid Autosensing - The autosensing feature on the EVO Omni makes triggers a thing of the past. Simply pass a barcode in front of the scanner.

Digital Barcode Scanning - Scan barcodes from cell phones, tablets, and other device displays allowing your business to utilize electronic coupons and tickets.

Adjustable Stand Angle - The adjustable angle stand allows you to customize the scanning angle to your specific needs.